Jess Harris Salmonson ⁠⁠♡⁠

Painter & Illustrator • 24 • Wilmington, North Carolina

Why I Paint

There is an abundance of beauty that surrounds us in our everyday lives and taking that as inspiration and adopting it into my own form of art is the reason I love to create. I hope to convey the magic and awe that nature and life has to offer and encourage others to see the world through a more playful and imaginative lens. Utilizing vibrant colors, texture, and mixed media I am able to capture the beauty and my passion for painting through every brushstroke. Being an artist is being given the opportunity to be unrealistic and imaginative in such a suffocating pragmatic world and adding a sense of magic and whimsy to everyday life.

About Me

I am a 24 year old painter & illustrator born and raised in New Jersey. I recently relocated south of the coast to Wilmington, North Carolina with my husband to continue my dream with new inspiration in a new city. My hobbies include beach trips, reading, date nights, cooking, and having lazy days cuddled up with my kitty, aspen watching horror or romance movies. my dream is to continue spreading joy and inspiration through my art and hope that everyone can cherish a piece of my art into their homes one day !


jess harris salmonson



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